There are numerous television and Web pages showing the 2017 solar eclipse of August 21, 2017. However, the Solar Totality was across the central United States, which leaves out the Southwest. But all hope is not lost, because in southern New Mexico we still had about 69 percent occlusion around 11:47 am. It started at 10:22 and concluded around 1:15 pm or so.

Here are a few photos taken with a Pentax K200D Digital SLR mounted in the Prime Focus – In this imaging method the camera is connected directly to the telescope and placed at the “prime” focus of the telescope. The telescope becomes the camera lens. The telescope is a Maksutov-Cassegrain (Mak-Cas) optical tube with an extra-long 1800mm focal length and f/12 focal ratio. One issue with the Prime Focus method is that the field of view is somewhat restricted, which cuts off the edges of the Sun to produce a rectangular viewport. As a person stated once when folks were complaining about a product not having enough bells and whistles, “It is what it is.”

In any case, here is the video from Chaparral, NM. Enjoy!

Eclipse Video